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My husband Larry and I (Jean) live out in the country. We are row crop farmers on a large acreage nestled in Southeast Iowa. Our children are grown and all live within 15 minutes of us. One daughter only lives a quarter mile away across the field with some of our grandkids. They spend a lot of time here and of course the puppies are the center of attention. Instead of being empty nesters, now we have our four legged children and their babies. We are very family orientated, not only with our two legged children but with our four legged children. The dogs are a very big part of our everyday lives, and share everything with us, our kids and our grandkids.

When you take one of our four legged babies home with you, you will be taking one of our sweet children. They have been loved and well socialized by all of us. Our adults and puppies all go on rides in the car depending on the weather.  Our puppies will have ridden in the car several times before eight weeks of age. I don’t open my car door with the dogs running loose as they’ll all pile into my car, with Scout behind the wheel. He thinks he should be the driver! 

Would you like to know a little more about us and our family? I understand how buying a puppy off the Internet can be worrisome. I am free to talk with you about us and our puppies. Of course I want to know things about you and your family too. I want to protect my four legged babies just as you want to protect yourself. I want you to be comfortable with us and I want to be comfortable with you. I've had people tell me they feel like they know me, and that is one of the reasons they did buy a puppy from me. If you would like to know more, please use our Contact Us page.

Should you choose to visit us in person we are located in Southeast Iowa. We have listed some of the more interesting places to stay or visit while your here. 

40 minutes from Burlington Iowa, home of Steamboat Days, the region's biggest music festival and carnival held along the riverfront. The riverfront offers all kinds of entertainment and dining opportunities including: 

  • Cat Fish Bend Casino on the river front
  • Premium Fishing
  • Art Fairs and Festivals
  • Farmers Markets in the spring & summer months
  • Famous Snake Alley is a street located in Burlington, Iowa, once recognized by Ripley's Believe It or Not as the Crookedest Street in the World. Snake Alley's block-long serpentine switchback (seven curves over 275 feet) was built by the town's German founders in 1894 as an experimental street design (and as a shortcut downhill to Burlington's business district). 

20 minutes from Bonaparte Iowa, located on the Des Moines River which boasts lots of history, quaint shops, arts, crafts and wonderful restaurants. Dinning: Bonaparte Retreat restaurant, best food around is located in the historic 1878 Grist Mill along the Des Moines River.

17 minutes from Farmington Iowa, also on the Des Moines River where the River Valley Lodge and horse trails are located.

20 minutes from Ft. Madison Iowa located on the Mississippi River where you can see the Old Fort Madison Fort, Military Base/Facilities and visit many museums and gift shops.

30 minutes from Keokuk Iowa, where you can see the beautiful Rand Park, Home of Chief Keokuk, Eagle Days, Lock and Dam #19 and the Famous Hawkeye Restaurant. If you’re a history buff this is a good place to stay.

40 minutes from Nauvoo Illinois, this Historic town was founded by the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints know as Mormons in 1839. Hotel Nauvoo has awesome rooms and fine dining.


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